Where Installation demands for a smaller space Spiral Staircases are the best options. Spiral Staircase manufacturer consists of a central column with stairs winding around it from bottom to top.

It very well may be made by utilizing a central pole, center stringer, and side stringers. The beautifully crafted curved staircase will draw the eyes and attention of your visitors to create a stunning focal point. What may appear to be a substantial material can be transformed into gravity-defying spiral staircases.

The main characteristics of spiral staircases or around staircase are their central columns and a compact, circular staircase design, which means relatively little surface area is required for installation. Experienced spiral staircase manufacturer in Maharashtra, including a spiral staircase, provides a wide choice of materials and design options ensuring that the resulting stair suits space it is created for.

Khodiyar Stairs is able to produce a stylish spiral metal staircase or spiral staircase for small spaces and the company has experience of producing extremely narrow spiral stairs for attic stairs and even superyachts!

Khodiyar Stairs also offers spiral staircase manufacturer in Maharashtra. The spiral staircase has a wide range of benefits depending upon your space and style. The small footprint of a spiral staircase frame makes it easy to fit into any design, whether you want an open floor plan or spiral staircase supplier in Maharashtra.

Being the foremost names of the industry, we are involved in providing an extensive range of Spiral Staircase Manufacturer in Maharashtra.Due to high demand, our products are available in varied specifications and shapes.

Applications: Bungalows, Duplex, Small Offices & Restaurants.


  1. • Made from zinc coated iron
  2. • Long lasting finish
  3. • Corrosion resistant
  4. • Highly durable