A glass cantilevered staircase is a design in which each step is fixed only at one end the support structure is hidden within each tread and behind the face of the wall. There are no risers between the treads. The treads making up the staircase are free standing & attached to a stringer fixed to or within the wall or to a metal frame. Mostly steps are being fixed or secure into a solid wall. The aspect of the staircase is transparent and eye pleasing. We manufacturer of the cantilevered staircase, stainless steel cantilevered staircase, glass cantilevered staircase in Maharashtra.

A suspended staircase, also known as a glass cantilever staircase, is a design where there are no supports between treads, giving the illusion that they are ‘floating’. It is for this reason that exclude glass cantilever staircases are popular in homes where there is a desire to create a real wow-factor using glass cantilevered stairs.

The treads of glass cantilevered stairs are usually fixed to a solid wall one end, ensuring stability. Often the weight of a suspended staircase’s treads shared is distributed by fixing the visible end to a handrail or glass balustrading.Popular materials in glass cantilever staircase design include concrete, stainless steel, timber and particularly glass, so the suspended stairs’ steps are fully visible.

Application : Bungalow, Restaurants, & Offices.